ALBUM: Jim Jones – Back In My Prime

Jim Jones – Back In My Prime

New York rapper and Hip Hop artist is making waves with his latest release – “Back In My Prime”. This uptempo, energetic album is sure to be quickly added to every hip hop fan's playlist.

The outstanding production on the project comes courtesy of music producer Hitmaka, whose remarkable versatility as both a beatmaker and an emcee shine through. Jim Jones, also known for his roles as a business mogul, entrepreneur, author and actor, makes sure that he does justice to the stellar song, delivering verses filled with verses full of vivid storytelling.

Since 2006, Jim Jones has released music regularly, resulting in many successful releases and awards under his belt, including the trendsetting rapper's two Grammy nominations. Alongside influenced from classic hip hop and reggaeton, his signature staccato delivery offers a unique combination of authenticity and infectious rhythm. Because of this combination, Jim Jones has created a devoted fan base who help make every new project a successful one.

Be sure to check out Jim Jones‘ new single “Back In My Prime” today, in what is set to be yet another successful hit!



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