What Is Craigslist?

A quick introduction here to what craigslist is really means According to Wikipedia Craigslist is a website for American classified ads that includes sections for jobs, employment, housing, for sale, wanted items, services, volunteer work, gigs, résumés, and discussion forums.

in my own opinion craigslist is an online website for viewing and posting local advertisement where you can easily post an advertisement of garage sales, used cars, jobs and a whole lots more when you can post ads you can also find an adverts on craigslist that will fit your needs and wants at the same time.

Craig Newmark started the service in 1995 as an email list for friends that listed regional events in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 1996, it changed to a web-based service and added more classed categories. In 2000, it began to spread to additional American and Canadian cities, and it presently includes 70 countries.

Why Use Craigslist

Majority of internet users choose to use craigslist because it helps them to easily connect to people near them to find, buy, or sell just about anything which is absolutely free to use, With a paid classified ad, you can find items that individuals may not have bothered listing, you can also find things to buy near you or in your particular area.

And more reason to use craigslist is that people post things you can get for free without buying as long as you are willing to pick it up, and this is just an amazing stuff many people will love.

craigslist free
craigslist free

How To Get Started With Craigslist

Just Log On to https://http://www.craigslist.org/ in your browser

You will need to choose a location or allowed craigslist to choose a location for you

craigslist location
craigslist location

After choosing a location this will take you to the craigslist page for your region, in this example below you will see we are using raleigh.craigslist.org you might noticed that the homepage is not really pretty of fashionable that doesn’t mean its not trusted or worthless compare to other website on the web, simply because most of the craigslist content was curated by its users the site just don’t put much effort on their website design.

craigslist raleigh
craigslist raleigh

How To use Craigslist Site

i believe we have covered what is craigslist meaning from the beginning of this post, to add more you can find free listings on craigslist website, without much ado let’s dive in on how you can use craigslist

You can use Craigslist to find just about anything. In this example, we will teach you how to buy something using Craigslist.

Fristly you have to choose a category or use the search tool in this post we’ll find a bike so we are going to choose bikes under the for sale category.

The jobs, housing, and for sale categories on Craigslist, in my opinion, contain some of the site’s most beneficial listings. Some of the other categories, such community or personal ads, may contain useful postings, but be in mind that these can occasionally be inappropriate or even suspicious.

craigslist bikes
craigslist bikes

You might occasionally also need to select a subcategory.
In this instance, we’ll choose motorcycles that are for sale directly by the owner, but we might also search for bikes for sell by dealer or for bike parts and accessories.

craigslis  bike subcategory
craigslis bike subcategory

Once you are in the subcateory you can then Browse, filter, and search your results right on the page, Any related postings will show up, resembling search engine results. The filters can then be used to limit your results by region, price range, and other factors. For more detailed information, you may also conduct a search within these answers. Just click on it to get more details if you see anything that interests you.

Provided you have found something you want just look for more contact information on the listing, Typically, this will be a phone number or email address. To display the details, you might occasionally need to click Show contact info.

Now that you have gotten the contact information now it’s time to contact the person Send them a short, simple message to let the poster know you’re interested in their items.

Hi! I came across your Craigslist ad for the Girls performance piper 20 inch” bike. I’ll give you $90. Does it still available?

You can also includes your phone number or email address so the seller can reply your texts.

Conclusion: How To Transact Safely On Craigslist

You can use craigslist to do more amazing stuff which includes; finding a place to live, a new job, or just selling your old stuff, While you enjoy your transactions on craigslist and make sure you do it safely, You will need to decide on a time and location for the meeting if the poster is willing to sell the item to you. Many people find it awkward—and sometimes even a bit frightening to exchange money with strangers.

Nevertheless, there are ways to transact safely on craigslist which includes:

  • Meet during the daytime in a public area.
  • Never send money electronically; most Craigslist users prefer to pay in cash.
  • If something seems way cheaper than the reality. Follow your instincts.

Learn More about craigslist personal safety here.

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