Conway the Machine – Cocaine Paste ft Jae Skeese

Conway the Machine – Cocaine Paste

, one of the hottest international music sensations, has just released a scorcher with his new track “Cocaine Paste”.

This masterpiece is an absolute treat for any fan of good music, as it packs in unbeatable lyrics, heartfelt vocals and an ice-cold beat. Perfect for a long drive or just chilling with pals, “Cocaine Paste” is expected to become one of your favorite songs of the year.

The song is part of the burgeoning star's latest effort, “Pain Provided Profit”, an album full of tracks that have undoubtedly cemented Conway's place amongst the best in the game. Adding to the song's brilliance is the collaboration with award-winning artist , who weaves his own flow masterfully into the track.

If you need something to boost the mood, “Cocaine Paste” is the perfect option. Have a listen to the song below and be ready for some bops that you'll surely keep in your playlist for days.

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